Travel Assistance

Club members representing Townsville Sailing Club may apply for travel assistance in accordance with the conditions below:

Please email applications to for TSC Committee approval.

  • Bursaries are open to full and family financial members who have sailed in a majority of club events in the most recent calendar year or been active volunteers for the club.
  • Members must contribute to fund-raising towards the development fund to be eligible for a bursary.
  • Bursaries are only available for sailing at Queensland State, Australian National or World Titles of “off the beach” or trailable boats.
  • The event being travelled to must be over 800km away from the Townsville Sailing Club.
  • Bursaries up to $200 per event may be provided, with a maximum of $400 per year provided.
  • Family groups are eligible for only one bursary grant, per event.
  • Applications for bursary grants must be made prior to 31st October for money provided over the holiday regatta season or the following calendar year.
  • Members receiving a bursary must sail under the TSC banner.
  • Members receiving a bursary must provide content to TSC social media to promote the fact they are sailing at the event.
  • Members with any debt to TSC are not eligible for a bursary.
  • The agreed bursary amount will be provided in two payments as follows:
    • 50% upon providing evidence of event registration.
    • 50% upon completion of the event and fulfillment of the required obligations of the claimant during the event.
  • Each bursary claim must be approved by the management committee and will be subject to the availability of funds in the development fund.

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